Youth Exchange in the Name of Peace

From October 19th to 26th Wiese Consult organised in cooperation with Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. within the ramifications of the German-Russian Youth Exchange program a Meeting of students from the Region of Hannover and the Russian Oblast Vologda. The student group visited some of the education Institutes of the capital of Lower Saxony, like the schools St. Ursula, Tellkampfschule and Sophienschule. Furthermore, students learned about the Sponsoring of soviet tombs at Maschsee-Nordufer and Oerbke as well as about the Project “Wir schreiben Eure Namen” (´We write your names´). The common aim is to provide German and Russian students with insights considering the origin and consequences of conflicts and emphasizing the importance of peaceful coexistence. The President of the Region of Hannover, Hauke Jagau, personally welcomed the group and spoke to and with them about the importance about constant intercultural cooperation and youth Exchange between our countries.